That Was Then, This Is Now

The Relentless Woman has been around for nearly a decade, and just like any client-focused business should do after a decade in business, we’re evolving.


A fitness company who focused on selling fitness programs and transformation challenges. Just like every. other. online. trainer. We were sincere and passionate about it, so we were successful despite doing the same thing as so many others.

But over time, it just didn’t feel right anymore. What happens after the fitness program ends? What happens at the end of the challenge?


A fitness company who wants to shift the focus away from weight loss and encourage women to be active and nourish their bodies without feeling the need to be on a perpetual diet. While we do still offer fitness programs and the occasional transformation challenge, it’s no longer the backbone of who we are. It’s a tiny piece of a much larger picture.

Here’s what you should know about The Relentless Woman:

  1. We’re completely dedicated to helping women live their best lives and feel confident in their own skin.
  2. We’re different. We’re not trying to turn every woman into a size 4 or a fitness model. We’re not here to set fitness goals for you. You already know what they are. We’re here to help you achieve them.
  3. Every woman we know is pressed for time and needs access to resources that will help her maximize results. We’re here to connect you with those resources.
  4. We put the personal back in personal training without the price tag that usually accompanies it.
  5. We have a growth mindset – we only compete against ourselves, and we sometimes even promote our competitors if we think they’ll be a better fit for you.
  6. We’re here to give you these things: quick, family-friendly recipes, short, effective workouts, and links to all our favorite fitness finds that are sure to maximize your fitness efforts.
  7. Starting this week, we’ll be posting a quick and easy healthy-licious dessert recipe every day so you can treat yourself (and your family) without guilt!

Please bookmark this page and check back daily to see new content daily!

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