Can I Get Fit In 10 Minutes A Day?

We’re spread too thin. Our time and our focus are divided more than ever. We know we can’t pour from an empty cup, yet the guilt we feel when we try to make time to exercise is just difficult to overcome. Oh, and what about the energy to fuel said workout? Not a chance. Maybe tomorrow.


I was recently talking about some future projects with my BFF, Colleen. Her face lit up when I mentioned ten-minute workouts. Up until about five years ago, the two of us were fully committed to the gym, carting our five collective children to the gym each day, dropping them off in the childcare area, then hitting it hard in the weight room for an hour or more. I was all in.

Then came a lengthy military training.

Then a divorce.

Then finding happiness again.

Then unemployment.


Then a new home purchase and a move.

Then a wedding.

Then a dream honeymoon to Greece.

It was a LOT to pack into three short years. My priorities shifted to my children, my relationship with my now husband, and my finances.

Fitness took a backseat and I truly have no regrets about that. I stayed active to the best of my ability, loosened up my eating habits, and even allowed myself to gain weight.

Now that I’m remarried, my children are adjusted and happy, and my world has stabilized, I’m eager to shift some of my focus back to fitness. But as a busy woman over forty who still works full-time, runs a fitness company and travel blog on the side, and wants to ensure family comes first despite those obligations, I no longer desire to spend an hour in the gym each day.


Thankfully, more than a decade in the fitness industry has taught me that there are many ways to achieve our goals – we just have to know how to adjust! So if you’re in a similar situation and desperate for a reasonable solution, here it is:

You can get fit in just ten minutes a day! REALLY!

It’s hard to say “I don’t have time” or “I’m too tired” when the time commitment is only ten minutes.

But how can this really make a difference?

By performing a high intensity workout and completing the exercises back to back without rest, you can complete an entire workout in ten minutes flat! If you’re like me, you probably waste way more time than that watching silly TikTok videos each day. Instead, use it to reach your fitness goals!

Grab a set of dumbbells (five or ten pounds should be sufficient) and do these exercises back to back. Go through the entire circuit three times total. You’ll be done in ten minutes, your arms will be on fire, and you’ll see just how effective it can be!

The Circuit

Do 16 reps of each exercise, and go through the entire circuit three times without stopping.

  1. Front Dumbbell Raises
  2. Bicep curls
  3. Overhead Tricep Extensions
  4. Lateral Dumbbell Raises
  5. Hammer Bicep Curls
  6. Tricep Kickbacks
  7. Rear Delt Raises

My six-week program, WIN in 10, gives you six full weeks of workouts for less than you’d spend on one session with a reputable personal trainer!

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