10 Ways To Drop 10 Pounds Fast

You’ve decided. You want to drop some weight and you want to drop it fast. Perhaps you have an event coming up, and you need to rock that new dress you’ve had your eye on. Or maybe you’re going through a break-up and you need to regain some confidence ASAP. Maybe you’ve just been sitting in complacency far too long and you’re ready to get things going fast.

Okay. But how can you do it quickly and safely?


Consider this a jumpstart. A way to get things moving in the right direction. It’s not a long-term solution, but sometimes a quick win can help us build some motivation and momentum to continue our fitness journey.


Though it may feel great to see the number on the scale moving quickly, there are drawbacks to losing weight quickly. One, it’s not all fat loss. (Notice I’m calling it “weight loss”, not “fat loss”. A lot of it is water weight. It can throw off your metabolism if you’re not careful. Loose skin is more likely with rapid weight loss. You’re more likely to gain it back, and sometimes even gaining back more than you lost. Be cautious, manage your expectations, and be prepared to gain weight some back when you’re done.


Whatever your reason, and whatever your long-term goal may be, these simple changes to your daily routine can help you drop those initial pounds quickly.

  1. Drop carbs. Say goodbye to the sugary and carb-loaded foods and drinks that you love to have as a treat. To be clear, I’m not talking about doing Keto. But reducing your carb intake to a serving or two a day can help you drop some fat and some water weight quickly. Did you know one single gram of carbs can hold three times its weight in water?

  2. Drink more water. Shoot for at least a half gallon each day. It may be tempting to drink less water in an effort to shed water weight, but the opposite is actually true.

  3. Go high rep in the gym. If you’re usually an eight to twelve rep lifter, switch to 16 reps while you’re trying to drop the weight.

  4. Get some sleep! Don’t gloss over this one. IT MATTERS. Shoot for eight hours a night. No less than seven. We underestimate our body’s need for sleep but it plays an integral role in fat loss.

  5. Reduce your stress. When stressed, our bodies release cortisol, which can causes our bodies to hang on to excess body fat. Control what you can control, then do what you can to release the rest. (Think serenity prayer.)

  6. Reduce your sodium intake. Our body needs sodium to function, so don’t eliminate it completely, but avoid added salt, and steer clear of naturally high sodium foods like cheeses, deli meats, and many pre-packaged snacks.

  7. Reduce your caloric intake. Dropping calories temporarily can help you drop pounds fast. Don’t go too low. You still need that awesome body of yours to function normally. To avoid feeling too hungry, choose high-volume foods like veggies, lean protein, and whole grains.

  8. Increase fiber intake. Whether you choose a fiber supplement or increase it through eating more veggies, kicking it up a notch will go a long way to helping you drop weight faster.

  9. Crowd out the unhealthy habits. Restriction is a slippery slope. Instead of thinking of what you can’t have, thinking about what you’d like to have instead. Fill your daily nutrition with delicious healthy foods you enjoy, and you’ll have less room for the junk. Guacamole? Strawberries? Fajita chicken? Go for it!

  10. Increase NEAT. “What in the #$%! is NEAT?” I’m glad you asked. It’s “Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis”. In simple terms, it’s everything active you do that is active, other than exercise itself. Gardening, walking the halls at work, parking at the back of the parking lot, chasing your kids. Increase your activity as much as possible outside of the gym and see results even faster.

    BONUS TIP: Limit Alcohol Intake. I don’t want to hear it any more than you do. But there are many reasons alcohol will impede your results. The two main reasons are that it reduces inhibitions, therefore increasing the likelihood you’ll forget about your goals and go off plan. Alcohol also contains empty calories, and many cocktails contain lots of extra carbs that won’t serve you well when you’re trying to lose weight. (If you must indulge, choose a low-carb beer, clear liquor, or a skinny cocktail.)

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